Do I Need Import License In UK ?


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If you are starting a business or expanding a business in the UK and are planning on exporting or importing products from around the globe, you need to familiarize yourself with British law in order to avoid legal logjams and criminal charges that can arise from not abiding by British law. Some imports are banned in England, making it a criminal offense, so knowing the very latest laws concerning imports and exports is imperative if you want to do business in the United Kingdom.

In the UK, there are controls on the import and export of goods such as firearms, animals, plants, textiles, medicines, and chemicals, to name just a few. Whether or not you need a license for these items depends largely on just where the goods are coming from and where they are going. In order to prevent the spread of diseases and invasive pests that can ruin the local ecological balance, there are strong import restrictions on many plants, as well as wood and wood packing materials. If you are planning on starting a business that involves these types of goods, the answer as to whether or not you need an import license is a resounding yes. 

If you have a business that deals in importing firearms or technology, you should always check to see if a licence is required. One of the best resources in the United Kingdom to inquire on all of the latest import and export laws is on the World Wide Web. The email [email protected] is the place to check for all import and export restrictions in the United Kingdom.

Use the website as a resource to make sure that your business is abiding by all British import and export laws and it will help you to avoid costly fines, penalties, and possible jail time.
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Well, in order to operate a legal business you would definitely need a license of that particular type. First of all you would need to register your company (as a sole proprietorship, partnership etc) and then file for an import export license.
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I want to start a business in u.k. In which I'm planning to import leather goods from India what all formalities do I need to comply with for this

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