What Did People Do Back In The 1990s? Please Answer My Question. I Would Like To Hear From You Guys That Are Out There.


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You know tytytyty back in  the 1990's I was working 60 plus hours a week building truck/floor scales(and for nascarnut a couple of custom race car scales). In my spare time I was taking apart  a 57 chevy nomad to start restoring it and cleaning up my yard for my first ever big purchase , a 24' by 30 ' garage. That is when I learned about zoning and permits. This was my first trip into the big city for a meeting with the zoning board to get a variance for building. And on the side I was building a trailer for hauling brush to the county mulch center for recycling.oh! And this is the time when I took my one and only trip across the united states by driving to california to visit my brother who was stationed at edwards airforce base. man I wish I had my get up and go back, but I think my get up has gone and went.
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Where were you in the1990'S? Actually I can remember childhood better. I think in the 1990's people realized this is atime where everything goes. All styles of clothes, and hair styles from years and years ago, and it didn't even look funny. As I do now, I spent too much time on the computer, and that is my way of keeping up with what is going on in the world. I watched more television because of the reality shows that are so plentiful.
Everything we do now except for 2 things: 1)  Internet access was not so available as it is now and 2) hiv/aids was not running quite so rampid...so those who engaged in casual sex, hopefully, have ceased from that practice.♥
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We paid about $1.25 for gas, we had well paying jobs that didn't get outsourced, we worked hard and earned decent enough money. We could afford at least one good vacation every year along with several long weekends.  We were able to buy a home with an affordable mortgage.  We were living well, but since the present administration our jobs went overseas, we're paying $4.00 for gas and there are few jobs that one can even afford to drive to.  (Not every place has public transportation, and those living in rural areas can't ride a bike 25+ miles to work and look like a professional upon arrival)  We still enjoyed Nascar, we could even afford to go to a race if we wanted.  We didn't depend on cell phones, we did learn the internet from the beginning as it came into the workplace.  A friend whose career was building bridges built many public bridges.  After the present administration was installed, he hasn't built a public bridge, due to the influx of cheap labor that doesn't pay taxes.  The 90's were a great decade, things went downhill after the election was stolen in 2000 and have gotten worse by the week. 

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