What Are Some Examples Of The Use Of Stereotypes For Women?


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Just to name a few off the top of my head:

  1. we are not equal to men

  2. we are not strong physically

  3. we lack emotional strength

  4. we have estrogen issues that cause us to be incapable of making decisions

  5. we are stupid

  6. we are only good for sex

  7. we lack objective reasoning skills

  8. we don't know how to fix a car, much less change a tire

  9. we are babymakers

  10. we need men!

ha ha ha ha♥
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Robyn Rothman
Robyn Rothman commented
You covered it!
Nancy Araujo
Nancy Araujo commented
I once had to take a tricycle apart that my husband had attempted to assemble....I waited til he got in the shower (he was planning on going back to the store to buy another one because he botched it up so bad) I put it back together correctly and was riding it around in our living room when he came out. Boy, was he ticked! LOL.
Anonymous commented
I agree with all you guys, brilliant points!
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Nancy Araujo answered
Getting past over for promotions because women can't be good leaders.  What do you think moms are???  They take the blame for their children's shortcomings and push for their successes.
That women aren't strong.  who totes the groceries and the babies, carries laundry baskets, moves furniture to clean behind it???
That women can't take pain.  I'd like to see a man have a baby, just once. Or a period every month for that matter, cramps, men couldn't handle it.
That women are too emotional.  Ever see a man's favorite sports team lose a playoff game???  I've seen a grown man cry after a loss, isn't that a bit emotional?
That women aren't smart.  I was always the one to help my kids with their homework, so was my mom.  Also handled the checkbook/budget.
We are stereotyped in negative ways, and we go through a lot just being female.  I'm offended when I'm not taken seriously or valued just because I'm a women.  I had a male executive chuckle while reading my resume during a job interview once.  I asked him what it was that he found so entertaining?  He said, "Oh no, it's a real nice resume, then commented on the warehouse supervisor position I'd listed under my past job experiences.  He asked what supervising was even needed in a warehouse?  I explained my duties and he kinda rolled his eyes and coughed.  He then described the job position totally different than what I'd been previously told by the person who offered me the opportunity to apply for it.  He kinda laughed through most of the interview and I was really ticked off.  I finally told him I'd save him from wasting his time from that point on as I didn't believe it was for me and I wasn't interested after all.  I seriously doubt a man would have been treated that way.
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Janet commented
You go girl. Whats up? I have not seen you in my shout box.
Warm wishes to you Sincerely Janet
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I'm no expert by all means, but I'll share some of my thoughts.
Women are still not treated as equal as we should be, but it has improved dramatically over the years. They are still being paid less than men in the same exact positions.

We all (men and women) come in all shapes, and sizes, and are brought up in different environments. Poverty, Poor, Middle, and Upper Class, etc. All of which has an impact of how successful their lives may turn out.

Anyone writing a book these days making women inferior must really feel threatened by women, has power struggle issues, is very weak, selfish, self-centered, is insecure, jealous, and prejudice. Shall I go on??!

I like the changes I've seen over the years. Some examples are:

Men and Women both attend their Wedding Showers
Men and Women both attend their Baby Showers
Men are feeding, changing, and bathing, teaching, and playing with their babies now.
Men are in the delivery rooms watching their babies be born.
Men are pitching in more on household chores, cooking, cleaning.
The neighborhood and schools where I live in now is mixed. I am delighted at how well the younger generation is getting along with each other.

We should all try a little harder to live by The Golden Rule "Treat Others as you Want to be Treated"

If we violate the golden rule, then we're violating the spirit of fairness and concern that lie at the heart of morality.

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Robyn Rothman answered
  • Women need to have children to feel complete
  • Women can't be be leaders in business or politics
  • Women need men to protect them

Women can endure more pain than men.  They are more suited for space travel than men.  They can endure the cold better than men.  Intellectually, they develop earlier than men.  Men possess more upper body strength than woman, but aside from that, we women can survive just fine on our own!
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Rena Chisholm answered
Well, I've never read the book, but, being a woman has taught me several things about being stereotyped. I hope these will help you Mr.darkstar.
First thing that comes to mind is the dumb blonde theory. Next up is that women's minds are ruled by their hormones.
Now, I'm not well educated, sir, but I believe both male and female species have hormones.
Let's see, there is the, Woman are weak minded, stereotype.
Oh, let us not forget the, all women are pushovers. That's a funny one.
Is your question actually the title of this book? It sounds like interesting reading.
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Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
I didn't know you were a blonde, Walteria. Bet you get tired of all those blonde jokes! My daughter is too, and she has heard a bunch. Lol.
Anonymous commented
It is a lovely answer. Dear, you most certainly do not have a weak mind, so we shall put that one to rest now, shant we?
Rena Chisholm
Rena Chisholm commented
Yes, we shall. ....
I must confess though, that the question was much too tempting for me to resist.
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Cindy Thompson answered
These are the sterotypes I have noticed:

  • Women aren't as smart as men. My daughter excelled in math and science and makes more money than both my sons. She was valedictorian of her High School and graduated with Suma Cum Lade of her college.

  • Women can't do traditional roles such as welding, plumber, electrician, carpenter, brick layer.

  • Women are not able to run companies. My daughter's degree will give her the opportunity to be a CEO of the company.

  • Women are more emotional while men bottle up their feeling and sometimes blow up with anger.
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You must be very proud of your children, my dear! Good for you. Certainly that must have had a loving mother who taught them well. It is lovely to see our daughters and their mothers become such fine citizens.
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Well I was raised in quite a traditional town, but when I grew older I knew that what had been designed for my life and many of my young girlfriends perhaps was not the complete world and what I was not fully capable of doing.  I am a woman and an elderly one by most standards, and I was told I should not speak my mind or try to learn business or learn about finances.  But when my dear husband died I foound I must learn many of these things.  And when he was here, I cooked and cleaned and he was happy and it brought me much joy but not all of my joy.  Yet he has been with me in the years since he left, helping me to learn these things too. 
Someday when I meet him and my mother and grandmother and aunts and fellow ladies in heaven, we will have another talk, because certainly we women can do whatever we must, and whatever the good Lord calls us to do. 
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That every woman on god's green earth has an innate and unavoidable urge to pop a bunch of kids out.
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*We are not equal to men
*We aren't physically or emotionally strong
*We can't lead a country
*We are only there to look good and please men

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