Please Can You Give Me Samples Of Verbiage For Thank You Notes For Funeral Flowers?


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From an Etiquette site:


If you opt to send a sympathy thank you, according to more traditional standards, the letters of sympathy are ideally sent within two weeks of services to the following people (however, even Emily post says there is no time limit):
• Pallbearers
• Clergy
• Friends and loved ones who provided services such as babysitting, food, or driving in the funeral procession
• Anyone who sent flowers, donations, long hand-written letters of condolence, photos or gifts


Wording Ideas for Sample Letters of Sympathy

It is okay to keep your note brief. One or two sentences are fine. Here are a few general samples:

Sympathy Thank You Sample #1
Dear Joanne,

Thank you for sending such beautiful flowers. (or insert other instance such as help baby-sitting, lovely photo or video of cherished loved one, driving in the funeral procession, etc.) Your generosity and support during this difficult time is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Edith Murphy & Family

Sample Letter #2
Thank you for the lovely flowers and attending the services. Although this is a sad time for all of us, I find comfort in knowing how fortunate, Robert and I have been to know you.
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The kindness that you showed with the flowers is very much appreciated, thank you for thinking of us in our time of sorrow, .... Something like that might be nice. Hope this helps, sorry for your loss.
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Verbiage means an excess of words. I don't think that's what you mean.  I agree with the above!
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I really don't think I can top AnonyMouse's answer. I am good with words, and that is right on target! I am giving my second 'Brilliant Burst of light Award' to this one.

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