What Is Quebec's Motto?


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Quebec's motto is 'Je me souviens' which means 'I remember'. The slogan as well as the coat of arms on which it first appeared was the brainchild of architect Eugène-Etienne Taché. When he designed this he also left some spaces blank just incase the future generations wished to make any additions to his work. Although he did not explain the meaning of the slogan, over the years people have interpreted it in numerous ways. Today everyone believes that what it actually means 'I remember my French history' or something that implies remembering Quebec's past heritage. The other belief is that the other half of the quote is "Je me souviens que né sous le lys, je croîs sous la rose' which means ("I remember that born under the lily, I grew under the rose") which has a direct connections to the floral emblems that England and France have.

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