What Does The Secretary Of Education Do?


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The secretary of Education :oversees the office personel, monitor public school efforts,Identify districts not making satisfactory efforts,review and give public comments on progress. Has excutive responsibilities and makes annual report,analyze the revenues make a report to the public concerning these matters,submit recommendations regarding funding for education or statutory to The speaker of the house of represenatives,senators,President etc.....
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The role of secretary of education is to help the government in restructuring education policy and programs. He is supposed to report to the governor directly and in most of the states he manages the Department of Education. He is also responsible for workforce preparation. It is his duty to ensure that the education system is coordinated with the growing needs of the demand of the labor markets. Secretory of education is also responsible to increase the education by developing and implementing good policies. He also contributes in deciding the financial policy for education.

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The secretary advise and participate in the responsibility of the 4,500 employees underneath her. Those responsibilities include: Establishing policies on Federal Aid as well as distributing and monitoring those funds; Collecting data on U.S. Schools and disseminating research; Help focus national attention of key educational issues; and Prohibiting discrimination and ensuring equal access to education.

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