What Did Spartans Eat?


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Spartans ate cereals, grain, meat, fish and vegetables. The men of Sparta were also known for enjoying a dish called 'black broth'.

What food did the Spartans eat?
Spartans ate a variety of foods, based on their local agriculture, and Ancient Greek cuisine was generally reliant on produce that could be grown or cultivated locally.

Seeing as Greece was a large producer of wheat, olives and wine, these three ingredients featured heavily in Spartan cooking.

Sparta was a war-like city state that placed an emphasis on men being 'bred' for violence and aggression and, traditionally, Spartan men would eat a lot of meat - with the infamous 'black broth' being a prime example of their culinary style.

Black broth was a pork-based stew that included a combination of vinegar, salt and blood. Spartans would have probably eaten cheese (and other dairy products), too - as well as fruits like figs (which were abundant and locally-grown).

Wine was the preferred drink of Ancient Greece, and Sparta was unique in that it was the only city to allow women to enjoy an alcoholic beverage like the men!
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One thing they ate was a form of blood soup - blood from an animal poured into a bowl. This encouraged them to steal whatever they could. Stealing was implied by the teachers, but not condoned.

Therefore Spartans had very little food provided, and then it was a blood meal, but they stole many other foods.

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