How Do You Uphold Public Trust And Confidence In Social Care Services?


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For the public to place trust and confidence in social care services, the social care providers must be seen to uphold a consistently good and transparent working policy.

Key points for the social care service providers to maintain

There is a well known phrase in the sales world which says "reputation takes years to build and seconds to destroy". This rings true with social care services also.

For the public to have trust and confidence in the social care services they should always aim to do the following:

  • Possess good, open communication at all times. Trust is built on honesty, and the public respect not having information withheld from them, or held by only a chosen few
  • Try to always be accountable for the quality of their work, both as individual social care workers and as an industry as a whole. This ensures progress can be monitored and necessary changes that need to be made found without delay.
  • Be reliable, respectful and dependable. These are the cornerstones of any industry or company which the public has substantial trust and confidence in.
  • Have the clients best interests at heart and treat them as an individual, rather than just a number or statistic.

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