What Are The Disadvantages Of Liberalism?


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How someone views liberalism is generally down to that person's own opinions and views. It also really depends on the politics of the country in question.

Liberals tend to sit left of the status quo, and to favor change and progress, with an emphasis on aiding the poor.

The disadvantages of this view might come in various forms, including:

  • economic difficulty
  • political uncertainty
  • a lack of authority
  • too much governmental bureaucracy
  • the discouraging of competitiveness in business.

The disadvantages of Liberalism
These days, it's almost impossible to accurately define what a liberal is and what a conservative is.

In terms of the United States, opponents of liberals often label them socialists, communists, or radicals. They are seen as wanting to disrupt or veer away from the constitution, American values, and a more conservative economic and political agenda.

If you ask any Republican or right-wing politician, he/she will tell you that liberals are too focused on feel-good laws and too concerned with issues like the environment, when not enough time is being spent on the economy and the political system.

What is a liberal? What's wrong with liberals?
Modern liberal movements in the US are commonly supporters of the following causes:

  • Anti-discrimination measures
  • Separation of religion and state
  • Health reform
  • Educational reform
  • Public welfare and environmentalism
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom of the press
  • Secularism in government
  • Provision of social welfare.
Whilst these might not sound like inherently-negative objectives, political opponents would argue that these aims would be achieved at the cost of more important things

Finally, it is important to remember that liberalism within the context of US politics is very different from European liberalism.

In Europe, liberalism generally advocates a free economy and constitutional caps on the power of government, whereas in the US, it usually pertains to market regulation and welfare-state policies
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Increased taxes to support a welfare state, lack of an incentive to work for many, even class warfare if the vilification of the 'rich' by the leftists continues.
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Conservatives telling you that you are what's wrong with the world.
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If people thought liberally all the time, there would be so much chaos in terms of different opinion which can lead to violence.

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