What Is Data Independence,and Why Is Lacking File System?


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Data independence is:
• A type of computerized database system that keeps data separate from other computer programs that make use of that particular data.

• A key feature of data independence is ensuring that the data cannot be recognized by other programs on the system.

• The information can still be accessed from another point on the system but not though specific programs.

• It simplifies the management of a complex database system which may in turn make staff become more productive as information is easier to locate. This is due to data access becoming improved and the system being made more user-friendly.

• The storage structure of the information by other applications becomes restricted to prevent the stored data from becoming corrupt.

• This type of system may be useful in an environment where more than one database is in place. It makes keeping and maintaining the information found on either a single or multiple database in one office space much easier to control.

• If a workplace does not have data independence systems in place, files become inflexible and some information may become corrupt by other programs. Other programs will be prevented from being able to access the data when programs in the source code are processed and lack data independence.

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