What Is A Gala Dinner?


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A gala dinner is something that people will often refer to but will quite often not be completely sure of what it is or entails. Quite often presidents, prime ministers, kings and queens will be guests at gala dinners but when looking for a definition there is little out there to stipulate what a gala dinner actually is.

It can be assumed that a gala dinner will often involve smart dress, ball gowns or smart evening dresses for ladies and black tie and tuxedo for the male guests, or even a white tie, it all very much depends on the invite and the requirements of the organizer.

The guests at a gala dinner will often be seated in a private dining room and will have chosen their meal from a menu selection prior to the event itself, rather than choosing at the table and submitting their request to a waiter or waitress. The guests will usually be seated in a banquet-style arrangement or rather like the seating arrangements for a cabaret event. Again this arrangement will depend on those in charge and this may not be the case for all gala events.

There is often entertainment at a gala dinner for the invited guests. This could be in the form of a band or dancing for the guests, or indeed both. The entertainment will usually take place after the dinner, dessert and drinks have been served. The order of dinner service and entertainment is usually set out in a program which guests are presented with at the event.

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