What Is An Example Of A Sentence Using Cultural Diffusion That Applies To The World Today?


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Cultural diffusion may be described as a process of knowledge,
technology, skills being broaden from culture to culture. World is facing
globalization as well as cultural diffusion through media from which people get
to know by other culture. Common examples are seen in daily routine like, people
use to cook their traditional dishes at home now because of media and cultural
diffusion they want to cook and taste all types of different cuisines of the
world. Another example is that people are getting use to the partying and
dating culture whether it’s a Muslim or a non Muslim country. Every country is facing this problem including Japan; it is usually effected by the stronger culture which is mainly AMerican or in Asia its Indian.
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The process of widely spreading or scattering.  :) is the real def. Of diffusion my teacher told me... I need a sent. Though

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