What Is Communalism?


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In the today’s world the term communalism describes a range of social movements and theories which are in some way or another based upon the community.

It is also being associated with a number of branches linked with socialism, especially communism and anarchism. Communalism is often used as a term instead of “communism”.
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The word communalism refers to preaching religion oriented views as well as to carrying out religious activities with a view to degrade some other religion. Communalism is a term used as an opposite to secularism and does not believe in tolerance of all religions. It believes in extreme fundamental ideas about a religion and tries to further the cause for one religion at the expense of other religions. Practicing communalism invariably leads to social tensions as groups belonging to different religious groups tend to clash with each other. It also leads to creation of insecurity among those groups that believe in tolerance of all religions. Communalism has its roots in religious fundamentalism that has led to security concerns all over the world. It is a known fact that communalism has not helped the cause for peaceful societies. It has in effect created anxiety in the minds of people in general.

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