How To Give An Impressive Introduction?


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First impressions are extremely important in many situations in the real world. Making a good first impression can make or break you in your career. In order to leave a lasting but good first impression, you need to grab the audience's attention as soon as possible and make them want to carry on listening to you. This is the perfect opportunity to sell yourself by bragging about your accomplishments and showing off your skills.

Below are some tips on how to write an introduction speech that you will blow your audience away.

  • Step one. The first thing to do with your speech is to try and open with a catchy story or phrase that draws your audience in. You should also get used to speaking in front of a crowd. Remember to span the entire group with your eyes and use hand gestures to make it more interesting. Your speech should last no more than ten minutes.
  • Step two. An introduction speech is the perfect opportunity to brag about your skills and everything you have achieved. Tell your audience about the education you have received and your qualifications. Keep this bit short so that your audience doesn't lose focus. Too much boring or dry information will bore your audience.
  • Step three. When approaching the next section of your speech, you should begin by giving your audience an outline as to the topic that you are going to talk about. This will help them to understand it and will help you stayed focused on this main point.
  • Step four. At the end, you should also ask your audience whether they have any questions. Be careful during your speech not to "er" and "um" in silent moments. These moments should be used instead to let your audience absorb any information that you have told them.
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