Which Variable Do Sociologists Emphasize The Most As Being The Determine Motivation For Our Thinking And Behavior?


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Culture is said to be the determining motivation for out thinking behavior. This is said to be the case as we are so influenced by our culture and thinking that behavior differs from place to place. This is said to be due to the culture that we live in.

There are different things in our culture that will determine what we think, these may have something to do with what is deemed as being socially acceptable in our culture at any given time.

Here are a few ways in which culture influences our thinking and behavior;

  • Hierarchy
Our social pecking order differs throughout the world. The citizens of a country or city may feel that this hierarchy is correct or incorrect. These thoughts are due to the different cultures that we have been taught and have grown up in. What we have seen in our culture is what we generally believe to be correct and this will translate in to how we feel about our society.

  • Crime
If you live in a high crime area, your behavior may reflect the cultural values of society and you may therefore also act in a criminal way. This is said to come from your culture and the cultural values you have been given. Although this is a pattern it is not the rule and people should not believe that all people who have grown up in a crime orientated culture will also be criminals.

  • Education
Education plays a large part in culture all around the globe. There are places where education is not widespread. This does not mean that it is not seen as important.
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