How Many Stamps Do I Need To Mail A 10 Oz. Envelope From Zip Code 29212 To Zip Code 91316?


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You could send your parcel by First Class Mail, which will cost you just less than $3, but if you want your parcel to be a little more secure you could go for the Flat Rate service, which will cost you around $5 to mail a 10-ounce package.

Flat Rate prices are only available when what you are sending is put into a United States Postal Service Flat Rate Box or Envelope, and the container is not too small for the item or items inside it. All the container flaps must be able to close properly within the normal folds or it will not be accepted. You can use tape on the flaps and seams if you feel that they are not strong enough �" but you cannot use this method to try and make the box or envelope any bigger, or to reconstruct it in any way.

There are weight restrictions for domestic Express Mail and Priority Mail Flat rate Envelopes and Boxes of 70 lbs, which in your case really does not apply.

Because your parcel weighs less than 13 ounces, as long as you put the right amount of postage on it, you will be able to drop it into a blue collection box. Had it been over the designated weight, you would have had to have taken it to the retail counter of a Post Office. There’s plenty more information about the rules and regulations surrounding postage available for your reference online, and visiting a local shipping branch will allow you to get more advice.
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I would say it would cost somewhere around $4-$5 dollars in postage.  My father is retired Postal Worker, you can call your local post office and they will give you an estimate as well, just explain your situation to them.  Good Luck.  Hope this helps.
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