Who Is The First African-American Female Actress Who Won The Emmy Awards?


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Gail Fisher was the first African-American female actress to win an Emmy award. She won the award in 1970, for an outstanding performance by an actress in a supporting role in drama. She was nominated for the same award over the next three years, but did not become the winner. In 1971 she won her first Golden Globe award for best supporting actress in a television series. Her second Golden Globe award was won in 1973; this time the award was for best actress. She gained two additional Golden Globe awards in her career.

  • Gail Fisher
Gail Fisher was one of the first African-American actresses to appear on television. Most famously, she played the character Peggy Fair in the television series Mannix from 1968 until 1975. It was for her performances as this character that she won her most prestigious awards.

The acting career of Gail Fisher came about partly due to luck; she won a beauty contest and the prize was to spend two years studying at the American Academy of Dramatic arts. Here her passion and talent for acting was discovered. She firstly joined a theater company, before going on to gain television acting roles. After appearing in a number of advertisements, she gained her role on Mannix.

  • Other acting work
Besides Mannix, in the most active years of her career Gail Fisher made appearances in TV shows such as American Style, Room 222 and Love. She also worked in a number of theater shows including a large scale production of Danton's Death. After the final episode of Mannix, Gail Fisher appeared much less on television, instead dedicating her time to bringing up her two children.

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