What Should I Get My Best Friend/crush For His Birthday?


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Fred Jones answered
I take it he does not know you have a crush on him. If you would like it to remain this way, then very little is needed as a gift. If you would like to step things up, then give him something as simple as a big hershey kiss or a bag of small ones and add a note telling him of your feelings toward him. Even if he has a gf, he will then better understand you. Of course, it may result in some strange feelings for a bit but they can be overcome if the desire is there.
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Aditi Khanna answered

Why not get your best friend a personalised gift items?

You can have these charms changed into circle charms without the hearts so your friend doesnt get the wrong idea lol! But they are super cute and im sure she will love it :)

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Oh my god I am in the same issue as you but I have a bit more time! I was thinking maybe like a couple of movies or music CD's!
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jerome new answered
If he doesn't have a girl, den make him something yourself,
and give him a kiss..
trust me he'll like it..

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Phoebe answered
If you want to remain friends, just get him something like a CD or tickets to a paintball festival.
If you want tot take that step, buy him guitar picks that say "I love you" "hey hottie" and "I want you" ( or you can buy plain ones and customise them)
A dodgeball that said on the side your phone number?
Just decide which way you are going.
Good Luck !
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John answered
How about a tony hawk autograph or a round of xtreme paint ball at one of those  outdoor fields....or a dvd of extreme sports/skateboarding with all the top skateboarders.....or write/email to tony hawk or his favorite skatboarder and have them send him a autographed photo for his birthday it might get there late but he will definitely be surprised because he won't know it's coming...you never know if you write a good enough e-mail-letter maybe he would send him a board-can't hurt to try...later

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