What Is The Effect Of Strike In Nigeria Economy And Educational Sector?


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When there is a strike there is always going to be an effect on the economy and the educational sector of the country, and this is no different within Nigeria. A strike within community would mean that there would be no economy for a short while as there would not be any income coming in from other counties that Nigeria trades with and the education sector is going to suffer as there is not going to be any funding in place for them, therefore they are not going to be able to teach and cuts are going to be made.

ยท Downfall

A strike in this country would mean that there would be a dramatic downfall which is going to benefit anyone who lives and works there. The systems all rely on one another and this is going to mean that there is going to be a domino effect which is not going to be able to be fixed overnight but it is going to happen very quickly and almost instantly.

You will find that there is going to be a long list of things which are going to go wrong and be effected when there is a strike within Nigeria and this is why the larger and more well off countries try to ensure that this doesn't happen. They need the products from Nigeria and therefore they need to ensure that it is not going to go into downfall and the systems of trade and success can continue to be as successfully as possible.

You are going to be able to find much information on different strikes and the effects that they can have when you do a search online. There are going to be examples of general information or that of more concentrated and more in depth on the effect within Nigeria.

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