What Clothes Do They Wear In Angola?


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It’s hard to say exactly what traditional Angolan clothing looks like, as the country is made up of many different tribes and cultures!

Nowadays, there's no real "dress-code", and people just wear what they want.

Where Is Angola?
Angola is a Portugese-speaking country in southern Africa. The country was originally a Portugese territory, so the inhabitants have got a lot of their culture and history from Portugal.

What Do They Wear In Angola?
It’s really hot in Angola, and poverty is a pretty big issue. They don’t really wear clothes at all in a lot of cultures - both men and women will go topless, with just a piece of cloth fastened around the waist.

In other areas, long patterned dresses are commonly worn by the women. These dresses are usually thin and light, as working in the heat is hard enough without heavy clothes weighing you down!

Traditionally, women in Angola would wear ankle-length skirts, although there’s no strict rule about this. Essentially, people just wear whatever’s available, and whatever they can afford.

Western-style clothing is also relatively-common. This is often donated by people in Western countries, and is then sold to the people of Angola at a very cheap price.
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Usually, it's Western clothing, like here in the US, but the traditional clothing for men is pants with a knee-length shirt.

They also wear knee-length socks. The shirts have a white collar. Both men and women wear a shawl.

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