What Are The Management Issues In The Lake District In England?


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The Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England faces a number of management issues and challenges. Some challenges include water management, balancing biodiversity and tourism value and resource management.

Currently, the park's major industry is tourism and it receives around 14 million visitors every year. For instance, Windermere Lake Steamers has become the second most popular tourist attraction (charging attraction) in the UK. The local economy has come to depend on tourists.

However, the ill effects of tourism are beginning to show. For instance, soil erosion, which is caused by walking, has become a major problem. This has led to millions of pounds of expenditure which is spent on protecting the over-used paths. The district is also having trouble with the fickleness of tourism. The number of visitors in the Windermere area has reduced after a speed limit of ten miles per hour was imposed on the lake. The problems are becoming more apparent as a number of Tourist Information Centres that were set up in the park were closed down in 2006.

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