What Are The Advantage And Disadvantage Of Democratic Style?


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Advantages of democratic style are -> the participant can result in high motivation of group members.
The knowledge and experience of group members can be used in decision making.

Members may feel more committed to group goals and less resistant to managerial actions.

Individual abilities can be developed through participation.

Group may be better informed as a result of two way communication.that is from the group members to the leader and also from the leader to the members

the disadvantages are -> individuals may dominate the participation or make disruptive contribution.

This aproach can be very time consuming for the leader because of the use of two-way communication

compromise can result in actions that are not the most effective.

Conflict may be resolved by making the least offensive decision not the most effective .

Situation can develop where responsibilties are not clear cut.

Participation may be viewed as a sign of inefficiency on part of a leader. Subordinates may view leader as incopetent to handile the job responsibilities.

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