What Are The Public Sector Aims & Objectives?


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Unlike the private sector where making a profit is the primary aim and objective, the public sector’s aims and objectives are to provide services for the community at either local or national level.
The primary objective of the public sector is to provide services such as refuse collection, schools, leisure facilities and health care, to their customers, which are ultimately the tax-payer.
They aim to do this by being SMART, and at times this may mean turning to the private sector to supply the services needed.
The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related.
Specific relates to aiming at what the provider is doing, for example it the NHS may look to bring waiting times for patients down less than an hour in accident and emergency.
They will always look to be Measurable and that can equate to how much providing a service will cost, and keeping within the budget.
Targets and objectives need to be Agreed by all those participating in making them happen.
The objectives always need to be realistic and achievable with the budget and resources available.
They also need to be Time specific to provided target dates or times for when the objective has to be attained.
Unlike the private sector which is usually a business that answers to shareholders or individuals looking to make a profit, the private sector has to answer to central and local government as well as the tax-payer and individual departments or councils aims and objectives may differ depending on when or what needs to be provided.
The aims and objectives will also be tapered to being delivered within a specific time frame depending on elections.
Tiers of management from the Prime Minister down to a localised supervisor are responsible for ensuring all the public sector’s aims and objectives are achieved.

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To accelerate the economic growth and industrialisation of the country creating the necessary infrastructure for development
to promote fair distribution of income and wealth, interpersonal as well as inter regional
to promote balanced regional development
to promote the growth of strategic defence oriented industries
to assist the development of small and ancillary industries
to create employment of opportunities
to achieve socialist pattern of society
to avoid and circumvent  the limitations and abuses of the private sector and
to generate forces of economics and technological self reliance
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The public sector aims are services to the public like schools and leisure centers. The objectives of a public sector are to achieve the aims in a certain amount of time and to make sure the aim is SMART
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To help the public. Note that public sector organisations are usually non for profit and run by the local authorities, so their sole purpose is to help the public out. The main objective is to make sure that everyone is happy and that costs are low

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The objectives of the public sector in south africa are closely linked to the promotion of of socio- economic development of the country?
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