The Types Of Problems That May Occur With Visitors Including Aggression And How To Deal With These?


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Dealing with problems caused by visitors can be tough - whether you’re working in a customer service position that inspires hostility from clients, or receiving aggressive visitors to your home, it’s important to know what can happen. Understanding problems related to aggressive visitors can help you formulate responses and actions that help to keep you safe. First off, you should consider creating a barrier between you and the people who visit - in many shops and stores, rugged Plexiglas barriers act as a layer of protection between visitors and employees. If this isn’t feasible at your location, you should consider beefing up security so you will be protected in the event of an emergency.

When a visitor becomes aggressive, he or she may shout, swear, or threaten you and the people around you. Sometimes, verbal aggression can be a prelude to physical violence. It’s important to try and soothe the visitor through calm discussion that will address his or her concerns. However, your first priority should always be a backup system that allows you to call for help when things spiral out of control. A button you can press to call for help, or a cell phone in your pocket can be helpful - try to program emergency numbers into your phone or security system well in advance of when they are actually needed.

Vocations where aggressive visitors are common include the health care field, education, government services, and police work. Schools, hospitals, and government offices see their fair share of angry and agitated visitors. In some cases, courses in self-defense may provide you with important coping skills. Understanding how to defuse anger with a calm response can also be helpful. Explaining the reality of rules, wait times, regulations, and service restrictions may be of assistance. It’s important to avoid angry emotions of your own while dealing with an agitated visitor. Sometimes, mental illnesses, substance abuse problems, and psychopathy (such as schizophrenia) may trigger violent outbursts from visitors.

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