Explain How Socio-Cultural Differences Create Problems For Walt Disney In Opening Parks Overseas?


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The main issues that Disney would have in opening overseas theme-parks are all because of cultural variations, but regional specifics are important too!

So, What Influences The Building of New Disney Theme-Parks?
Disney must take a lot of things into account before building a new theme-park. Some things may make the company decide not to open a theme-park at all, whereas others may just affect the content! Here are a few examples of the things Disney must consider:

  • Wealth of the region – the best area to build a theme-park is a wealthy one! The country - and preferably the surrounding countries - need disposable income.
  • Local cuisine – You won’t find sushi at Disneyland Paris, but you will at Tokyo Disney Resort!
  • Geographical situation - there’s more money in building a theme-park in a busy place – this is part of the reason why all the Disney theme-parks are in capital cities! Secluded places just wouldn't be as popular.
  • Vacationing habits – the French don’t tend to take their children to theme-parks for the summer vacation – Disney hadn’t thought about this, and was shocked at how little money it was making for most of the year!
  • Cultural habits – The French love breakfast. This didn’t occur to Disney when the company first built Disneyland Paris. They based the park on its American counterpart, and were in for a shock when the French didn’t skip breakfast and go straight for the entertainment like the Americans did! Eventually, Disney had to build new facilities to accommodate this regional love of breakfast.
  • What Disney products are most successful in the area? – Obviously, there’s no point putting a themed ride in the park if the movie that it’s based on wasn’t very popular in that country!
Overall, Disney doesn’t adjust its parks that much based on the location – it just tends to give them a regional flair. Hope this helps!

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