How Can We Solve Unemployment In South Africa?


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With difficulty I suppose otherwise it would already have been done. To be honest it is the same with many countries all around the world at the minute, including the US and UK so it isn't a problem only affecting South Africa. With the timing, it is very hard to solve unemployment; it is such a global problem that there is no point in even introducing new factories or production lines in the country as elsewhere, the recovery from recession is also very sluggish and purchases have dropped massively.

I understand that South Africa's unemployment is at one of the highest levels in the world and so getting to the bottom of this issue is obviously of great importance. There will be people being paid very high wages to try and work out this problem and so it is clear that any ideas which come from me will have already been thought of and either put in place or decided against due to factors unknown to outsiders like myself.

Even the World Cup which took place in 2010 did not do much to improve the employment situation in South Africa in the long term. This event is estimated to have brought almost 700 000 jobs to the country however most of these were temporary and many jobs were even done by foreign workers.

So basically I'm afraid it is a case of see what the government can do to help improve the unemployment situation. When other countries recover from recession, there will hopefully be more scope for South Africa to bring money into the economy through tourism, manufacturing etc. More tourists to the area will result in the need for more workers and in order to sell products to other countries, the products will first need to be made which again will increase the work available.
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You need to invite companies from abroad to invest and build  in your country. I know that people who live in South Africa want to work and build themselves a better future so this is the only way forward, open your borders and get other countries and companies involved it will be the making of South Africa.
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The initiating step has to be taken by the government.It should take measures to make a research to find out the nature of the industries suitable for the conditions of South Africa.

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