What is the best sword in the world? 


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This is a question I've thought about quite a lot and, whilst slightly controversial, I'm going to go with the Light Sabre from Star Wars.

The best swords in the world

The Light Sabre was the weapon of choice of both Jedi and Sith, it is portable and easy to conceal (although I don't know if you'd want to try sneaking one through airport security).

Also, its simple design reminds me of an Apple product, and its efficiency is undeniable: If someone came running at you with a Light Sabre, you wouldn't stick around to see what they wanted!

If you're not happy to admit the mighty Light Sabre into the realm of the sword, then here are a few other swords you might want to slay your foes with:

1. "Excalibur" (wielded by King Arthur)
2. The Hatori Hanzo sword (wielded by The Bride in Kill Bill)
3. "The Sword of Omens" (wileded by Lion-o from Thundercats).
4. William Wallace's sword in Braveheart 5. The "Vorpal Sword" from Lewis Caroll's Through the Looking Glass.
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It all depends on what you intend it to be used for.
Do you want to thrust and jab at your enemy, or swing at them?
I would say the Katana is a good choice for the most part.
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It all depends on the maker... Japanese sword makers produced amazing steel, but so did sword makers in Toledo, Spain and Damascus in Syria.

Some swords are designed to slash, others to pierce metal such as armour; some, like foils, are designed with a very narrow blade.

In my own personal opinion, a sword with a piercing-style blade and one that can be used to slash as well is probably the best.  Imagine a medieval-style sword, sort of like William Wallace's claymore, but with a shorter blade.
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The best sword is William Wallace's claymore, because it can behead 3 human beings at the same time.
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I think the KATANA is the best sword in the world, I love the Tipu Sultan's MAMLUK Sword.

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