What Is The Postcode For Bedford?


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Bedford (twinned with Bamberg in Germany) is a big place and Bedfordshire is a much bigger place and so the postcode is likely to be different in different parts of the county or city. The city of Luton is in Bedfordshire and the postcodes begin with the letters LU, where as the city of Bedford's postcode begins with the MK (Milton Keynes).

MK429RU is a postal code that is for a central address in Bedford.

Throughout Bedfordshire, the following postal codes are employed:

Ampthill - MK45, Arlesey - SG15, Barton-le-Clay MK45
Bedford - MK40, Biddenham - MK40, Biggleswade SG18
Cardington - MK44, Colmworth - MK44, Dunstable LU6
Eaton Bray LU6, Flitwick - MK45, Haynes - MK45
Heath and Reach LU7, Henlow - SG16
Leighton Buzzard LU7 - Luton - LU1
Northill - SG18 Oakley - MK43 Potton - SG19
Ridgmont - MK43 Riseley - MK44
Sandy SG19/Shillington SG5
Silsoe MK45/Toddington LU5
Turvey MK43/Whipsnade LU6
Woburn MK17/Wrestlingworth SG19

If you want more specifc post codes, try the Royal Mail website at

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