What Is The Name Of The Party Representing Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition Of Canada Is?


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The name of Her Majesty's loyal opposition in Canada is the New Democratic Party. Its leaders name is Jack Layton. The New Democratic Party is a social democratic federal political party, which is regarded as centre-left in the Canadian political scene. The government in Nova Scotia and Manitoba make up the NDP provincial parties. The advocates of the New Democrats are focused on the following:

• Gender equality and equal rights for the LGBT community and improvement of environmental protection through government regulations
• Water safety, increase of corporate taxes and poverty reduction in Canada
• Aggressive human rights protection and increasing funds for public transportation
• Expansion of public health care coverage, including dental and prescription drugs as well as social assistance policies
• Abolishment of the unelected Canadian senate, workers' rights which include increasing the minimum wage and aboriginal people and their constitutional rights
• Foreign policy which involves humanitarian aid, peacekeeping, and diplomacy, renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement

In the domestic spectrum of Canada, the New Democratic Party is focused on using a moderate form of socialism together with a mixed economy. The party favors public ownership and government planning in order to provide jobs and services. They have also been always focused on the provision of Social Security Services which include universal medical care, pensions for old age, unemployment insurance and workers' compensation in order to reduce inequalities between classes. This is one of their plans to help fight poverty and discrimination among the citizens.

The National Democratic Party is also known as the official voice for labor, and has thus encouraged the organization of trade unions while being more receptive to provincial rights. With unemployment on the rise and recession haunting the country, many people rely on the National Democratic Party for help.

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