What Are The Three Most Important Factors Contributing To The Agricultural Revolution In Europe?


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The three most important factors contributing to the agricultural revolution in Europe were warmer temperatures, the three-field system, and better farming equipment, such as the heavy ploughs that came into being during the medieval period. Around the seventh century, temperatures began to warm up globally, and the warmer temperatures made it easier to farm, to travel, and to explore lands that would once have been too far away. The second factor, the three-field system, made for more efficient farming that produced more fruits, vegetables and grains. The third factor, better farm equipment, also increased productivity and changed the way laborers (who were commonly serfs who worked for a lord within the confines of his castle walls) did their jobs.

  • Agriculture in the Medieval period

Since serfs paid for their safety from invaders and plagues by living within a lord's district, with its high, safe walls, they were often employed in agricultural jobs. Most people who lived as serfs toiled in the fields and produced food that was used to keep the kingdom functional and independent. During this period, exporting of food products was quite rare, as many dangers lurked on the roadways and seaways - therefore, serfs worked hard to provide for the kingdom, and almost anyone in the lower classes could be found contributing to agriculture in some way, shape or form.

  • Improvements

While the pastoral lifestyle of serfs and the lower classes during the Middle Ages may seem simple and romantic, it was really a very hard life, and the agricultural revolution began to offer more options to these "slaves" of their lords and ladies. Since it was easier to produce food and to travel, the world expanded, in terms of what was possible and certain farming laborers began to trickle out of the areas where they were born.

As these pioneers began to discover new ways of living and working, modernized farm equipment made it possible to produce food in abundance, even without the work of serfs.

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