Why Was The Colony Of Delaware Founded?


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The reason why delaware the colony was found
  Peter Minuit, was employ of the Dutch West India Company but then he left the Dutch, that was established in the area that would become the colony of New York. In 1638, he founded the colony of Delaware, and went into Swedish service. The two main reasons for the founding of Delaware, were trade and agriculture. To continue to promote christianity and to enrich themselves of the new land it was formed from pennsylvania's lower counties to provide ocean access for pennslyvania.
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Delaware is the second smallest state of the Unites States and ranks after Rhode Island. In the beginning, the citizens of the state were relatively more independent in terms of their actions than the other states. Delaware was a part of Pennsylvania until the year 1703. The citizens were initially less enthusiastic in becoming independent but later on it was realized that their independence as a separate entity required that they should become independent like the other states and especially Pennsylvania.That is the reason efforts started for the revolution.
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A water way for the eastern states

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