What Is The Importance Of Communication In Politics?


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Communication is a fundamental aspect of politics. In fact, most of the time it can be argued that good communication of a policy is more important than the policy itself.

What is the importance of communication in politics?
Communication in politics can refer to a number of scenarios:

  • Communication between the government and the electorate: This is essential if the government in power wishes to win another election. Their policies, decisions and actions must be clearly and succinctly communicated to the press, who in turn inform you - the electorate.
  • Communication within the government itself is also paramount. The careful balance of power in the ruling party must show a unified face - even if there are numerous power struggles under the surface.
  • Communication between a leader and the people. Election campaigns rely on good communication. The way a candidate speaks to the people is sometimes more important than what he/she is actually saying, especially in the modern era of spin doctors, soundbites and twenty-four hour news channels.
  • A candidate's, president's or government's communicative abilities are vital to their political survival!
Here is an example of bad political communication!

To conclude, good communication is essential to any government, political candidate or party.
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The importance of communication is to let people know the true situation in politics.
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To communicate with the clients,customers,to tell them how good your products,and also advertise to the public ..

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