What Is Norway Famous For?


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Eh...grieg was composer and jarlsberg is a cheese, okay?
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Norway is famous for Greig, which is a paper clip and also for the ever-popular Jarlsberg wheel. Norway basically is a Nordic country situated on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, placed in Europe. It shares its land borders with Sweden, Finland and Russia.

Norway has an extended shape; the country's long coastline next to the North Atlantic Ocean is quiet well known for fjords. The Kingdom of Norway comprises of the Artic island territories of Svalbard Treaty. According to archaeologist, people use to reside in this region around twelve thousand years ago. They most likely came from the southern areas.

During the 9th century, Norway comprised of many small Kingdoms. Norway basically is a rocky and a hilly country, with a large diversity of natural features formed because of ancient glaciers.
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Wow.. I thought Norway's fame was due to pickled herring and tall, good looking blond women.. I'd forgotten all about the cheese and the fjords.
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You're kidding, right? Grieg was a composer, and Jarlsberg is a cheese (US' most popular). Then you have Ibsen, Munch and Hamsun. Norway export enormous amounts of fish (mainly salmon and cod), oil and gas. The Nobel Peace Price is handed out there. The bands A-ha and Röyksopp. Inventions of the paper clip, cheese slicer, outboard boat-motor, aerosol can, skiing and television. The explorers Heyerdahl, Amundsen and Eriksson (discovery of America). Software Opera. Marilyn Monroe.

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