Why Is It Important For A Health Care Administrator To Understand The Regulations And Statutes That Apply To Health Care?


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A healthcare administrator is responsible for a variety of duties including scheduling, overseeing and supervising the execution of duties encompassing many different medical procedures. Healthcare administrators are considered healthcare professionals in their own right, sometimes overseeing entire hospitals or networks of hospitals. An administrator needs to understand the regulations and statutes that apply to health care as they are responsible for ensuring the standards of care set out in such regulations and statutes are upheld. As the administrators are accountable for almost all aspects of care and research a hospital or medical facility undertakes, any error in judgement in a course of treatment or procedure, the administrator will be held responsible for the error. In some cases this can result in legal action against the administrator and permanently damage a hospital’s reputation.
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Because if she is not in compliance, she could unwittingly be 'breaking the law'.  Authorities such as AHCA or CHAP or others could shut down her facility or business and she can get SUED.  Hope this helps!

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