Aristotle Believed That People Who Do Not Have The Aptitude Or Time To Participate In Governance Should Not Be Citizens. Cite Experiences From Your Life To Support Or Refute His Argument. Any Ideas?


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I believe Aristotle in his statement required an individual to be proactive and practically interested in the governance of state. However, it is a tad unrealistic to expect all citizens to either have the capability or even the passion to offer a constructive participation in a government's inner workings. At best a citizen is only but allowed to vote in a democratic process. Democracy in modern times goes hand in hand with capitalism and most capitalist systems are infected with the demons of rigid class structures, a vast divide between the over privileged and the underprivileged, varied levels of awareness or perception, social or economic impediments to actually become a part of governance. So, based on these notions I'd safely suggest that Aristotle's ideas were unrealistic and ill informed. To enable a truly people oriented governance substantial levels of awareness are required ideally to be reached by the citizens (who are citizens regardless of their levels of interest in governance) to make a truly democratic charter effective. An intelligent and conscientious tyrant with the interests of people at heart is capable of being more effective than a democracy of idiots.

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