What Is Jamaica's Government Type?


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Jamaica is the name of an island country of the Greater Antilles, located in the Caribbean Sea. it was named Xaymaca by the earlier Taino residents, which referred to either 'the land of springs' or 'the land of wood and water'. It previously used to be called Santiago when possessed by Spain, later became a colony of Great Britain called as Jamaica.

The present constitution was drafted in the year 1962 by a joint committee of the legislature. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, who is represented by a Governor General who is elected by the prime Minister and the union cabinet. The Jamaican parliament is bicameral, constituted by the Lower House and the Upper House. Members are directly nominated and one of them is appointed as Governor General. The government follows a parliamentary democracy type that is based on the Westminster structure.
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The government in Jamaica is similar to that of the United Kingdom and there you can find parliamentary representative democratic monarchy. The system was came into existence in the year 1962 and at that time only it is decided that the system will be based on the British system. Queen Elizabeth is the chief of state and it is she who appoints the governor general, but she takes advice from her own representative that is based in Jamaica. The role of the governor general is only ceremonial and it is the prime minister who led a cabinet of ministers takes all the decisions that are pertinent to the welfare of the country.

The prime minister has to abide by the constitution of the country and he has to safeguard the freedom of speech, press and other fundamental rights.

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