What was leonardo Da Vinci most important scientific discoveries or experiments?


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DaVinci did many things, he dissected the human body for one thing and drew pictures of all the anatomical parts,and defined what the perfect human proportions should be.He designed armaments for war, many of which were used.He invented Flying machines, which appear as predecessors to our modern helicoptors and airplanes. He studied the movement of water and drew pictures of the waves, and he also studied horses and drew their different features(horses that were owned by The Sforza Family in Italy). He wrote his Codexes (like diaries but often gave advice to arists, had notes about his inventions, discoveries and thoughts) in mirror vision. He studied and invented many things to do with flight.He did a series of facial charactaristics of humans based on poor beggars with deformities. But the flying machines ,are probably the most important , as they preceded the Wright Bros. By about 600 years.

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