What Is The National Ethic Of Nigeria?


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Personally, I think it's dangerous to judge the entire population of a country in this way. 

Nigeria is a diverse nation, and is home to many different ethnicities and cultures.

It would therefore seem unfair to speculate on the ethic of the country as a whole. 
 Having said that, Nigeria is currently struggling with various ethical problems - with corruption being one of them. 

What ethical problems does Nigeria face? 
In 2000, the British think-tank Transparency International labeled Nigeria as the 'most corrupt country in the world'.

The study identified corruption affecting every level of society, with bribery a commonplace occurrence - from the highest echelons of the Nigerian government, through to traffic cops taking back-handers.  
 Stolen private assets, tax evasion, and money laundering were also singled out as illegal activities that are still rife in the country.

Looking in from the outside, it's easy to see why people tend to think of Nigeria as a corrupt and ethically-drained country. 
However, such people often forget that the first victim of this unethical activity is often the innocent Nigerian population itself. 
Most Nigerians hold the same ethical values as people from any other country, however this fact is currently being overlooked, due to the swarm of immoral activity that only a small percentage of the country is guilty of. 
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