What year did the base begin to exceed the supply on the above information the demand of non communist countries for oil will begin to exceed the supply of oil in about the year? 1.- 1980, 2 - 1985, 3- 1990, 4- 1995, 5- 2000


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There is no above information. This is so vague that a definitive answer simply cannot be provided to you here. What can be done, however, is you can take away some information on this answer that can help you with your studies, presuming that this is an academic question.

Whether you’re in secondary, further or higher education, it’s important for you to recognise the importance of your textbooks and other source material that is provided for you. Whilst the Internet is a great aid to your studies, you must remember that the information that is provided to your through textbooks and source materials is the most relevant information that you will ever receive from anybody. Hence, if you’re looking to answer this question, you have a much better chance of being able to get the right answer if you stick to reading your text books and you can take the time to talk to your tutor.

If by doing this you are still having problems finding the answer and understanding what this explanation means, then you can talk to your tutor and they will try and explain the system to you. If you understand but still can’t find the answer in your source material, then once again, don’t be afraid to talk to your tutor or your teacher. Instead of looking on the Internet, you can ask them precisely where they think you should read and they should be more than happy to help you find it in your textbook.

Remember that your teacher is always there to help you, no matter what happens. They are there to ensure that the course is taught properly and that you get the assistance you need to obtain the certifications you require to get a great career.

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