What Is The Difference Between ''Merry Christmas'' And ''Happy Christmas''?


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People in the us say merry christmas. The x takes Christ out of christmas and yes people in england say happy christmas. It meant the same thing
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People in unite state use ''merry xmas'' but people in england use ''happy xmas'' this is my answer. Right?
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Here in England we say Happy Xmas or Merry Xmas because we like to and they both mean the same thing there is no difference. Hope that answers your question.
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IT is simple when in rome do as the romans do, said that to say society dictates, when in a area were most say merry Christmas, follow suit, happy christmas than happy christmas it will be ,but after thinking about it christmas is one day and it should be merry while news year is ushering a new year and the wish is for you to be happy, perhaps if everyone gets a little happiness the world would be a better place but after all that everyone goes right back to business as usual as if they are stuck in a rut....the best to you
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I am in England and I say Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Inside our Christmas Cards it usually says "Merry Christmas"  We really are not that different from the United States you know. Most of us don't even live in Castles!

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