How does civil order control method(s) compare and contrast with other cited countries such as Saudi Arabia, Japan, England, and China?


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You'll find that there are a lot of differences, as well as similarities, between the USA and the rest of the world when it comes to using methods and laws to maintain order. Here are some examples:

  • Death penalty
Like the US, the death penalty is used in countries like Saudi Arabia, China and Japan to punish those believed to have committed an unforgivable crime. However, not all nations welcome this form of sentencing and it is not permitted in countries such as the United Kingdom and Europe.

  • Civil rights
Although laws are put in to place to protect citizens, in countries like America and England, from government and other violations, it's a different story in Saudi Arabia and China. Saudi Arabia is a country based on Islamic religious laws so women, homosexuals, religious minorities etc. May often find themselves the target of injustice.

In communist China, where there is a lack of human rights laws, numerous countries have spoken out regarding Chinese authorities restricting the people's freedoms of speech, movement etc. The Chinese government often used its state power to suspend protests and by detaining individuals who rebel against their decisions.

  • Armed forces and violence
Countries such as England and America claim to be different to communist China or religious Saudi Arabia for their lack of human rights laws. However, these countries seem to contradict themselves.

The US government has often been accused of suppressing civil movement by using violence against the public. An example can be seen when armed forces opened fire into the crowd of Kent State University in 1970; resulting in four deaths and wounding nine students.

In England, a campaigner named Blair Peach died after a fatal blow to the head in 1979. However, it has recently come to light, from an unpublished dossier, that a member of the elite riot squad may have delivered the fatal blow, resulting in Peach's death.
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The best we can and since we the Civil Liberties Union or CLU attornies, everybody has rights in this country so everyone has to be very careful in dealing in this area and very much unlike other countrys who deal with it a lot harder than we do

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