True or False We elect one-third of the Congress every two years?


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If you regard "congress" as the union of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, then false. Senators serve 6 years, but the far more numerous House of Representatives is elected every two years. There are 435 members of the house and 100 senators. Therefore every 2 years those 435 house members, plus approximately 33 or so senators, are  up for election, 468 total out of 535. Every two years 87% of seats are elected.

If you use the current election as an example, consider that the past two years have been under monopoly control of the democrats B. Hussein Obama and a democrat majority in both chambers. In the House of Representatives, all democrat members came under threat of an electorate who took a stand to preserve The United States of America as a constitutional nation, and to reject a horrifying move toward socialism. As a result, Obama's democrats took a "shellacking" in the house. However, in the longer-serving Senate, only 37 seats were up so Obama was able to keep a majority there. Those senators who were not up for election got to see the will of the voters, and they will be less likely to spend the rest of their terms drinking Obama's Kool-aid.

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