Are there any women who love having pie fights for special occassions such as birthdays, weddings, etc?


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Annie Devore Profile
Annie Devore answered
I'd Love To Have Pie Fights Anytime
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Bob C.
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You're too much fun!
Annie Devore
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Because I
Can't Take My Eyes Off You.. Think Of The Frankie Valli Song. That's How
I Feel About You
Riley Shaw Profile
Riley Shaw answered
At my second oldest sister's wedding, there was one. It was really random and fun! And my sister was all done up like you described and she got pied in the face, like, 28 times! It was a lot of fun.
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Bob C.
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Don't forget about me. So I can pelt you with 28 pies!
Riley Shaw
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Definitely! Make it 50 - I love pie! ^^
Bob C.
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50, then drop you in a giant wedding cake face first!
susan brownlee Profile
susan brownlee answered
Haha wen I lost ma virginity we started out with pie throwing... Lol I will let you think the way tht sentence ends.
Delores Christine Profile
Well, I do. You can count me in.
Hilary Newton Profile
Hilary Newton answered
It should be compulsory,
Chloe Brisco Profile
Chloe Brisco answered
Yeah I don't see why not any occasion will do so long as pies are being thrown 9:
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Chloe Brisco
Chloe Brisco commented
Haha deffo but ama bring some extra pies (:
Bob C.
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And I brought big buckets of chocolate pudding to pour over your head while we're at it!
Bob C.
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Okay, you asked fro it. Splash!!!
Michelle Phy Profile
Michelle Phy answered
Never have before but I'm game. Any specialty pies cause I want a class act pie fight to remember  :)
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Bob C.
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How about strawberry cream, extra large coconut cream filled cakes with extremely heavy frosting, and five gallon buckets of honey? And would this be for your next birthday party?
Hannah Neon Profile
Hannah Neon answered
I always wanted to have my faced shoved into my B-day cake. Hasn't happened yet... *sniff sniff* I would definately love to have a pie fight!
Meta Forrest Profile
Meta Forrest answered
I love pie fights ..  For very special occassions. None of which are listed above .
D-e-Z-Z Bleh Profile
D-e-Z-Z Bleh answered
I've dreamed of getting into a pie fight. I think it be hilarious to see people get banana cream pie stuck in their hair, but mostly fun is it gives you an excuse not to eat it with your fork! Haha jk jk and at my friends moms wedding a few years back, she smashed her face into a giant peice of wedding looked so much fun, I just havent had a big enough peice yet lol :P
megan clay Profile
megan clay answered
I'v never done that before, but you just gave me the best idea ever!! 4 my next b day I'm deffinatly having a pie throwing event, and all the pies will be peach and coconut cream. Coolness!! Thanx
Rhianne Carew Profile
Rhianne Carew answered
I'd be the first to throw the pie...AT YOUR FACE! MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!!
MWAHAHAHAAAAOUCH!!! Why'd you throw that pie at me while I was laughing!!

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