What Does Cimarron Refer To?


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Cimarron refers to a runaway slave. Slaves are those people who have no rights on their life and belonged to another person and lived under his control. It is a Spanish word for maroon which means fugitive or wild one. The Africans and the other slaves who escaped from plantations and mines in the 16th and 19th century were indicated by this term. They built and developed their own independent communities in the wilderness. They lived as outlaws until they teamed up with Sir Francis Drake in 1570's and defeated their Spanish masters and plundered their riches. These group of slaves existed throughout Latin America.

Their main settlement was at Vallano, a place below Nombre de Dios. A law called Ordenazas para los was passed during this time which allowed the runaway slaves to be hanged. Cimarrones valued iron like the Spanish and English valued gold.

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