Can You Give Me A Simple Trifle Recipe For Christmas?


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Trifle is perfect for Christmas Day, yet the authentic ones – homemade custard and all – do look intimidating, and the bought ones are expensive (and can be a bit bland.) Here is a nice, straightforward compromise:

§ line the base of a large dish (about 22cm diameter and 8cm deep should provide enough trifle for 8 people) with sponge fingers. You can use trifle sponges, but fingers are lovely and sugary. You can lay them out elegantly or break them in pieces (which means more per bite.)

§ pour a large glass of sherry (and a little brandy for a real kick) over the fingers. Add some fruit juice if it seems dry.

§ spread over a mixture of fresh and tinned fruit – mango, grape, ripe pear, pineapple and banana are all good.

§ pour over the contents of 1pkt custard powder, boiled, whisked and cooled (or a tin of ready-made if you prefer)

§ add whipped cream on top and sprinkle with sugar strands.

You can put jelly on top of the sponge, but I don't bother. This trifle is even better the second day, so you can make it a day ahead.
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Pamela Krueger
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wordy, you must be British; I detect a slight accent in your words. Your recipe sounds wonderful - I think I may make this for our Christmas celebration at our house. Thanks for sharing with us.
Will Martin
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Yes, I am British and this is basically my mother's recipe - she will be delighted to know it's finding fame at last! Hope you enjoy it
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Take 3 type of your favorite custards ( 1 cup each )  banana ( 1/2 cup sliced ), pineapple (1/4 cup sliced )apple ( 1/2 cup sliced ) , brownie (as much you want ) , sponge cake ( 4-5 pieces ) , some fruits ( sliced ) and whipped cream for topping . ( if you want so you can take chocolate ,strawberry or any other flavored sauce )

take a large dish , give layer of  sponge cake and brownie , then of apple, pineapple and banana , then of custards  , now give topping of fruits , cream and sauces and if you want so you can also put jelly of your taste , now chill it for 4-5 hours in fridge.
Please try this recipe  , waiting for your comments and merry christmas .

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