How Does Parliament Function?


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The operation of the party system means that parliament functions to maintain the governments majority. It can be argued that sustaining government has become the prime task of parliament and it is true to say that most members of parliament act as party politicians most of the time. Also, it is the job of parliament to scrutinise the executive which leads to a contradiction in Parliamentary aims.

But how can parliament scrutinise the executive effectively when most of its members see their primary role as maintaining a majority for their government? One way round this problem is for Parliament to gain a degree of independence form the government, which has been seen to be happening in recent times. For example, the work done by select committees and the readiness of the House of Lords to amend government Bills are both signs that parliament is willing to investigate and object to the work of government. The upper House has also set up mechanisms to scrutinise European legislation and the work of the EU bureaucracy. Additionally, European integration in the future is likely to decrease the influence and relevance of parliament.
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1. To keep a stable economy

2. To keep bad people off the street (to keep the police academy going)

3. To have a representative (President/Priminister), to speak for our country and keep our country from being attacked

4. To make improvement on areas that need it most

5. To keep the country happy!

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