Our responsibility to protect a citizens/soldiers private information stored on an automated information system is outlined in The Privacy Act of?


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The Act that you are referring to in your question is usually just referenced to as The Privacy Act, although the one that you are most likely asking about is The Privacy Act of 1974.

Unfortunately it is not always possible for the government to protect our valuable information, sometimes we have to do it for us. It is possible for everyday people to protect their data inside a private information retrieval scheme, and it is really easy to do. Below are some instructions on how to get involved.

  • What is a private information retrieval scheme?
This schemes allow people who use the system to retrieve their personal data from server database. Although this may sound risky, this is actually allowed to be done without any part of that data being revealed to unwanted individuals.

  • Step one. The first thing that you will need to do is to change all of the data or information that you want to store into the correct code form. This can be done using algorithmic converters that convert readable information into codes that only computers can read and understand.
  • Step two. Each individual block of data should be encrypted using something called a block cypher. Each block should be around 8 megabytes in size.
  • Step three. The user can use the hash button which is used to mean that input is any length, but only whilst the output itself is being fixed. This is because the whole process is one way. The purpose of this step is to give out a digital signature.
  • Step four. The final step is to then completely encrypt the data by applying a specific algorithm. This is encrypted into a message but can only be done using a private key that is unknown to anyone else. This key means that the data you wish to be kept private will not be able to be read by anyone other than yourself.

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