Should Young Little Girl Models Be Seen Nude?


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No, I definitely don’t think they should – nor should young boys, for that matter.

Child Pornography and Pedophilia
The line has to be drawn somewhere, and it’s far safer to allow no nude shots of children than to allow only tasteful ones.

I mean, how exactly do you define tasteful? Artists are always pushing boundaries and daring to go further than others, so if under-age nude shots were allowed, it would only be a matter of time before they started getting sexually-suggestive or obscene.

Child pornography and paedophilia aren’t the only things we’d have to worry about, though. There’s also the issue of consent, and whether or not young children are able to give it.

Capacity to Give Consent
If nude shots of children were allowed, parents could pressure their children into modelling nude for money. The psychological impact, and the feelings of violation, would stay with the child for the rest of their life.

A child can’t decide whether or not they want to model nude. Usually, a child will do what their parents tell them to do, without questioning it.

Even if the child made the decision themselves, they still wouldn’t be aware of the consequences – thinking ahead is a cognitive skill that develops during childhood, and before it’s fully developed, children are unable to make properly thought-out decisions.

Children only think about the here and now, so if they were offered candy or a new toy for sitting in front of a camera with their clothes off, they wouldn’t think twice.
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Sujit Pradhan answered
No, young little girl models should not be seen nude, because it may hamper their psychological growth.
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Garrett Chinn answered
You're aware of child pornography laws right?
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No, never. If they're under 18 they should be fully clothed.

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