Explain the ideological framework of industrial relations?


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The ideological framework of industrial relations is simple; it is all about the partnerships between countries and what they can offer to one another. If there are countries which have good industrial relations you can be sure that they are likely to support one another is there is a disagreement with another country as they would not be able to survive without the support of one another. Social partnerships are very important when it comes to industrial relations and the most ideal frameworks are going to involve the big superpowers using industry together, and the smaller countries trying to get involved or to challenge them to take over as a superpower.

This has always been the same and it is not going to change anytime soon. Looking back in history as far as we can go, and you will see that the superpowers have always wither come together for industrial relations or have tried to out do one another. Industrial relations are what keeps countries tied together and makes them the best allies.

England and America are great examples of this as they both new rely on China for industrial relations, and this is making China into the superpower that it is today as it is getting the support from the two main superpowers in the world which can influence over many different things and have the power to control other countries and intimidate them.

You will find that there has always been an importance of industrial relations throughout history and within different countries and this is going to change anytime soon with resources becoming very valuable and more and more countries being determined to becoming involved with the superpowers. The ideological framework is simple. The superpowers stick together and the smaller countries rely on them for protection and income from the different industries.

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