What are the disadvantage living in glasgow?


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The disadvantage of living in a certain area is subjective because something you may consider as negative, another person may think it as positive.

With regards to Glasgow, the main thing that people may see as a disadvantage of living in the city is the weather. This famous Scottish city does experience its fair share of miserable wet weather however; this may not be something that concerns you. Glasgow has been known for its bad health statistics according to various studies carried out over the years. The Glasgow Centre for Population Health concluded a few years ago that high levels of smoking and poor diet were the main factors that contributed to a bout of bad health in the city. In addition, statistics have previously shown that the living expectancy in Glasgow is not very high, especially with men, stating that they’re more likely to die as much as a decade earlier than other residents in Scotland.

Another aspect that you may want to consider is the violence that is quite frequent in Glasgow. The Scottish city is renowned for its gangland culture, however this will only be significant in certain areas. For example, Glasgow’s east end is well known for being the base land for a number of dangerous gangs. A few years ago statistics showed that there were approximately 170 gangs in Glasgow and the chances of a local resident being injured or killed in a knife attack were four times greater in the Scottish city than in London. However, recently Scotland statistics documented that the figure of serious crimes recorded in Scotland in 2009/10 was a fifth lower than in 2000/01. The city as a whole is safe but there are just certain areas that you should refrain from visiting, which is the same for the majority of big cities.
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One of the disadvantages of living in Glasgow is the weather, which is cold in the winter and quite wet.

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